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Strength, innovative energy, individual ideas and state of the art technologies for cutting and non-cutting machining: Under one umbrella we bundle the complete mass production of components for small-scale, medium-scale and high-scale production. We offer discriminating automotive and industrial clients a genuine development partnership – from the beginning.

Three specialists, one brand.

SAMAG Saalfelder Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (SAMAG Automotive), Saalfeld

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Fields of activity:
Machine tool engineering for the cutting industry and suppliers of the automotive industry (cutting).

Cutting component manufacture in the power train and chassis area. Regarding quality (extremely low ppm values), reliability and on-time delivery continuously rated as an A supplier for more than 20 years.

Product examples:

  • Crankshaft bearing cover, wheel carriers, connecting rod and housing of engines and transmissions
  • Fixed gears, shafts, clutches, planetary carriers, gearshift forks, synchronization bodies of gearboxes
  • Axle housing, steering knuckle, bevel gears, housing cover, differential housing of drive train, flywheels
  • Brake carriers, brake guide rails of brake systems
  • Turbocharger housing
  • Rails
  • Contract work for prototype, single piece and batch production, measuring services
  • Complete assemblies of complex modules such as axle modules, turbocharger units and differentials


SAMAG Truck Components GmbH, Königsee-Rottenbach

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Fields of activity:
Supplier of the automobile industry (motor vehicle and commercial vehicle – forming), in addition, also supplier for electrical engineering industry, medical technology branch and mechanical engineering.

Processing of sheet metal, coils, profiles and round and square pipes made of structural steels, stainless steels as well as aluminum.

Product examples:

  • Commercial vehicle and commercial vehicle supplier industry:
    Chassis, chassis components, spare tire carriers, steps, wheel chocks & wheel chock holders, attachment parts for frame, engine compartment & vehicle interior, pedal brackets, carriers for container changing systems, engine hoists
  • Passenger vehicle and passenger vehicle supplier industry:
    Chassis components, attachment parts for frame, engine compartment and vehicle interior
  • Electrical industry:
    Switch cabinet systems
  • Medical technology:
    Wheelchair chassis and chassis components, components for ophthalmic optical devices as well as for operating tables
  • Mechanical engineering:
    Machine racks, machine components, housings, oil pans
  • Agricultural and forest machine industry,  construction equipment industry:
    Chassis components, frames, frame attachments
  • Industrial truck industry:
    Hydraulic components, seat components
  • Furniture industry:
    Fittings, armrest & backrest components
  • Railroad industry (Examples upon request)

AGA Zerspanungstechnik Gera GmbH

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Field of activity:
Supplier for automotive and industrial clients (cutting)

Production of turned, milled and broached parts in medium and large-scale production.

Product examples:

  • Shafts
  • Clutches
  • Valve components
  • Complex components for chassis components and drive train (axle components, differential housing)
  • Gearshift dome components
  • Gearbox components
  • Engine components
  • Medical technology: Components for X-ray equipment